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Creator of the – No Splice Kill Switch Harness

JW² Innovations specializes in making solutions available to everyone that before were challenging to many.

JW² Innovations specializes in custom harnesses for additional needs with your Car, SUV, and Truck. Initially this all started with needing a theft deterrent solution for a vehicle I purchased that tends to be stolen more than others. After a lot of searching and trial and error I came up with a solution that is easy to install without cutting into your cars wiring harness! This is where the No Splice Kill Switch Harness was created! I’ve now expanded to additional Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram vehicles along this journey and look forward to helping you add another layer of theft deterrent to your own vehicle!

Take a look at how thieves are stealing your vehicles more easily – LINK

Please use our search by Year, Make, and Model feature. Desktop to the left, Mobile please scroll down to below. Look forward to working with you to add another layer of theft deterrence to your vehicle!


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