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Thank you for stopping by and checking things out! JW² Innovations is a small business that started after I purchased a vehicle that in my area gets stolen more often than other models. I began searching for a practical and affordable solution to add an additional layer of theft deterrence to help protect my vehicle from theft.

In my travels for a solution I came across discussions across various vehicle forums concerning theft of several different types of vehicles and methods some were looking at or implementing, especially ones with push button start feature. Some news channels I found were reporting figures of 2500 vehicles per day being stolen and many being shipped out of country within a few days. I myself live in an area that has had auto theft on the rise, and certainly don’t want to be part of that statistic. So I, like others I’m sure, I started to look into options and came across some information from several sources showing first how to cut and splice in a “kill switch” to the push button start itself that would deter a would be thief from hopefully driving away easily. I liked the idea of how it functioned, but for me don’t want to cut into a factory wiring harness so I kept searching. I also found several other solutions that cost $100.00 dollars up to thousands (many of the more expensive ones aren’t even available for installation in my area!) – often having another remote FOB to enable/disable as a kill switch approach or a combination of buttons you push on your dash and/or steering wheel ($$$$). I also reviewed approaches to kill the fuel pump, the starter, etc. – which I didn’t like for obvious reasons if it failed.

Eventually my research took me to sourcing the parts and tools to create what became the “No Spice Kill Switch Harness”. It’s easy to install and allows the vehicle owner to decide where they want to install their kill switch.

This initial product offers a wiring harness fully assembled and ready install into several different makes and models with the push button start as well as key fob to start feature already in place. This harness gets put in between the existing plug/harness and the back of the push button start button itself. Then taking the longer part of the harness you route to where you want to hide your kill switch and connect it to your switch, whether it’s one you supply or one you purchase here from the site – your choice! The one’s on this site use 4.8mm standard sized posts so you can also add to your harness 4.8mm ends with shrink wrap for a complete ready to install from delivery into your vehicle.

Functionality: When the SPST On/Off switch is On, your vehicle starts normally. When the hidden kill switch is in the Off position you cannot push start your vehicle – no matter if you have a FOB or have created a copy (thieves doing this). For those with remote start the vehicle will still start, but when you try and push the push button to go to the Run position you can’t do that either – so the vehicle stays where you left it!

Whether you decide to buy here or do your own DIY solution, we wish you the best in adding another layer of theft deterrence to your vehicle so you don’t have to go through the frustration of vehicle theft. Whether your car is new or older, we all spend a lot of money on our vehicles and certainly don’t need the hassle of it disappearing from where we left it.

Please check in from time to time with us as we continue to add additional new products and options over time to help as many different vehicle makes/models as we can. Thanks for stopping by!


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