What type of wiring is used for the harnesses sold here?

For kill switch and relocation harnesses 20awg tinned copper is used. The fake OBD2 harness uses 22awg tinned copper. Both sizes are the same or larger than the original wiring sizes they connect to in order to provide a solid solution.

What is harness cloth tape?

This style of tape is used by automobile manufacturers to help protect cable harnesses that are routed in various locations throughout your vehicle in order to provide additional protection to wiring harnesses from abrasion. Our harnesses also include this style of tape so that your added harness blends in with your factory wiring harnesses so it is not as noticeable while also leveraging the same type of protection that your car manufacturers use it for.

What quality are the connectors and pins used in your connectors?

We source the same parts your vehicles manufacturers use for both connectors and pins so that you have a quality product. We’ve looked at the “other” manufacturers out there saying they make similar or comparable parts, and after seeing the difference we don’t use those “cheaper” parts.

Why are the different lengths being offered?

Each vehicle owner will want to hide their kill switch or relocated push button start switch in a different location of their own choosing. Therefore, different length options are available in order to have a drop in solution easier for them to install depending on where they have selected their hidden location(s). If you have an idea or need some help, feel free to reach out to us HERE and we would be glad to help.

Do you make a harness for Ram Trucks 2013 and older? Or Dodge Charger/Challenger cars older than 2015?

Sorry, but we don’t as the wiring and electronics are very different in those Gen3 and older trucks or Dodge Challenger/Chargers 2014 and older. Reach out via email at contact@jw2innovations.com if you’re interested in some other ways to protect your vehicle though. Would be glad to share!

What about remote kill switch solutions. Do you make any of those?

There are already plenty of remote kill switch solutions on the market today to choose from, and we can help you with those options. Our kill switch harness solution however has been integrated with those approaches and would be glad to share how to do just that! Drop an email at contact@jw2innovations.com and describe what you’re thinking about. Plenty of clever ways to add one or more methods in deterring theft of your vehicle. Reach out and we would be glad to help!


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