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Let’s face it, we all make different decisions when purchasing a vehicle. And we all make different choices in that purchase for what we need/like/want/etc. But the last thing any vehicle owner wants is to have that purchase damaged or stolen in any way. Unfortunately though the time will come where you are either a victim or know someone that is with a car break-in or theft. Car manufactures are working on technology improvements to prevent theft while the criminals are getting more sophisticated, and the battle there will continue onward. So where does that leave all of us in protecting our vehicles? Doesn’t what I bought with my vehicle do everything I need?

The answers are: With some risk each of us will need to determine if that risk is acceptable, and the second question – probably not.

This is the same situation the founder of JW2 Innovations was facing when a popular theft vehicle became purchased. Like many the search began to find or create something that would protect it from being the next stolen vehicle. The options are endless from do nothing more than lock it, to sophisticated and expensive where only specialized dealers could install them which aren’t even in every city. In the end one conclusion was realized. If a thief REALLY wants your vehicle there probably isn’t going to be anything to stop them from taking it. So what is a reasonable, affordable, easy for an owner to install solution that can deter a thief from taking it? Why am I saying Deter? Why not STOP a thief from taking it? Like I said, if a thief REALLY wants your vehicle they can and will get it. Even if you spent thousands of dollars on one of those custom installations and put GPS tracking devices on it, a thief will figure out a way to get it. Most thieves however don’t want to spend much time when they do attempt to take your vehicle. Because the longer they are in the act of stealing your vehicle, the higher chance they are in getting caught. And that’s where JW2 Innovations puts the focus on when looking at theft deterrent solutions. Slowing them down enough that they will give up and move to an easier target. Do the solutions work? Absolutely, and many thieves will never figure them out! Can they be bypassed? Yes, just as any theft deterrent solution by any manufacturer or seller can be bypassed or worked around given enough time and resources.

So lets look at some ways that car thieves are taking your vehicle. Car theft methods Link.


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