Some car theft methods

To start, there are so many ways a car thief could attempt to break in and/or take your vehicle that this is no one website that can list them all. But some of the current methods technology is being bypassed we’ll cover here.

How fast can a thief steal your car you ask? Look how fast a thief steals this one: Link
How bad is it out there? Where do all these stolen cars go? Check this out! Link
Doesn’t really matter where you live really, but some areas are worse than others. Take a look at this Link

We welcome you to do your own searches for many other videos out there on this same topic. It’s rather surprising how many and how long this has been getting worse out there!

One theft method:

Key fob repeater (Keyless Repeater) – Thief brings a repeater device to use just outside of your home to pick up and repeat/relay your key fob signal to a device closer to your car so the car thinks you are standing just outside of the door with your key fob. The car who see’s now your key fobs signal, lets the thief open the door, start your car, and drive away. First line of defense, don’t put your keys on the same side of the house as your vehicle AND put your keys in a faraday box/bag. Here’s several options on Amazon –Faraday Bag. Second line of defense, get a kill switch installed on your vehicle – even if you don’t go with our solution you still need to get a kill switch as a minimum installed.

Not making this up, check this out: Link

Another popular theft method:

New fob added to your vehicle – Thief breaks into your vehicle by popping door lock, breaking glass, etc. If alarm goes off they pop the hood and disconnect the wire to your horn. Back inside the car they connect to your OBD2 port with a computer or laptop and add another key fob to your car. They then use that newly added key fob to drive away in your vehicle. For reference, and OBD2 port is a connection port usually somewhere below your steering wheel that is used to diagnose your vehicle at repair shops as well as program other features, including adding a new key fob to your car which the thief now has a similar device to do the exact same thing. Options? Relocate the OBD2 port – see my Fake OBD2 port relocation solution below and/or lock it down with something like this.

Theft Deterrent Solutions we offer!

JW2 Innovations has created some theft deterrent solutions for these very common, yet technically advanced, methods of stealing your vehicle.

No Splice Kill Switch Harness – A harness solution that is simple to install where you decide on where to hide your kill switch that disables the start button on your vehicle. Whether a thief uses a fob signal repeater or adds a new key fob to your car, without knowing where the kill switch is and activating it the car will not start. In addition there are options when purchasing that make it easy for the majority of vehicle owners to place a BIG deterrent in place to keep your vehicle where you left it.

For many Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep / Ram Truck owners go to this LINK to find an easy to install No Splice Kill Switch Harness with additional options to make your installation quick and easy.

Fake OBD2 port – This harness supplies both a FAKE replacement OBD2 port into the original OBD2 port location, while also providing the capability to relocate the real OBD2 connection somewhere else in your vehicle. This solution is great for vehicles that have a tuner and want to hide the wiring connection that is connected full time into the OBD2 port while also adding a FAKE OBD2 port in the original location. Length options also allow you to put the new working OBD2 port in any location within your vehicle up to 7ft from the original location. In short, the thief is left with a FAKE OBD2 port in the original OBD2 port location that doesn’t allow any changes to be made to your vehicle because the computer/tablet can’t fully connect or make changes (like adding another new key fob to steal your car) to the cars computer.

Added bonus: With the Fake OBD2 port replicator for those with tuners connected to your OBD2 port: No more worrying about the dealer knocking out your tune either, since the OBD2 port in the original location won’t let even a car technician connect to your vehicle! When you show them where to connect to the now relocated REAL OBD2 connection all previous capabilities are still in tact!!

Push to start relocation harness – Leave your original or a broken push to start button right where it’s always been in your dash. Select where you want to put a functioning push to start for your vehicle and order the length needed to get from the back of your original location to your new hidden one. Mount the new one and place this relocation harness in between to make the relocated push to start work. Thief can create a new FOB, relay the FOB signal from the one in your house but the push to start in your dash in the original location isn’t going to work. Some lock the relocated push to start in a console vault, others select different locations. Unless the would be thief is carrying around another push to start button with them, your vehicle isn’t going to be able to start.


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