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Are you looking for a vehicle theft deterrent that is reasonably priced, a plug and play harness that is easy for a vehicle owner to install, and doesn’t cut into your vehicles OEM wiring harness? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Our No Splice Kill Switch Harness is a easy to install solution where you determine where you want to hide your kill switch by ordering the harness for your vehicle and the right length of wiring for your installation all while keeping your factory wiring look. You can also add a 20mm round rocker switch and crimped ends to match that are shrink wrapped for a complete ready to install solution when your order arrives! Many will spend more time determining where to hide their kill switch than it takes to complete most installations! It’s that simple! Here is a LINK for basic install steps.

Length of cable options come in 2ft all the way up to 10ft so pick the right length depending on how much length from your key fob or push button start button to the location you’ve selected for your hidden kill switch and you’re on your way! If you need something longer, just reach out to us HERE and we’ll work with you to get a solution for those needs as well.

If you’re found us and are wondering why you would need this? Check this link out in how cars are being stolen today! LINK

This LINK indicates that at least 2500 cars per day are stolen in the USA.

Now that our website is live, we’ll be adding some additional solutions like a 2 kill switch harness as well as a fake OBD2 harness to keep thieves from connecting to you vehicles computer and making another key fob for it so they can steal your vehicle! Not to mention those who have tunes on their vehicle won’t get them wiped out from when you take your car in for a service appointment! So stay tuned and keep checking in for these additional products and options that will be here soon!

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to working with you!

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