Jeep Compass 2 Kill Switch Kit


This 2 Kill Switch Harness Kit comes with our 2 switch Kill Switch Harness with each of the 2 harness leads having the 4.8mm blade connector w/heatshrink applied as well as includes qty 2 of the 20mm toggle switches making this kit ready to install into your Ram Truck! Just select the correct harness lead lengths for each of the 2 kill switches which is determined on where you decide to hide your kill switches and your ready to go!

The 2 leads for 2 separate kill switches that you can install in your selected hidden locations. Either place them next to one another or in 2 separate locations. Only you know the correct position for them to allow your vehicle to start! For each switch you can select a different length of cable you will need for each of the 2 switches from the push button start. 2ft thru 10ft options available for each switch harness, so lots of options to choose from depending on where you’ve decided to hide your 2 kill switches!

See details below under description about the wiring pattern option!

This harness is for adding a 2 kill switch solution to your vehicle. It comes with 2X 4.8mm blade connectors sets w/heat shrink, and 2X 20mm on/off toggle switches so you are ready to install as soon as you’ve selected your hidden kill switch locations!

Please be sure to measure how long you need each harness lead to be for where you are going to hide your hidden kill switches, measuring behind the push button start switch on your dash.

What is the wiring pattern option?
Standard: Wired exactly to OEM wiring harness, so the connectors wiring matches your OEM harness connector for a quick installation.

Custom: A specific alteration is made to the female connector that you unplugged from the back of the push to start button switch on your dash during installation of the harness. Instructions come with your order that describes how to do this BEFORE you plug in this harness. An additional connector and black harness style cloth tape is also included if needed so you won’t be stranded if the original connector becomes deformed or has other issues as you re-assign pins within it, as per the instructions included with your order. And to be clear, there are more than just one method of customizing this alteration that is send out just in case! But your instructions included with your order will match it’s physical wiring layout so that you know how to re-pin your vehicle side connector to match your custom harness!

Reason for the extra step: If by some chance a thief finds your harness and attempts to put the wiring back to OEM (by removing your kill switch harness and putting back to original configuration) the original wiring in the harness going to the connector will no longer match the pins on the back of the push to start switch, so your vehicle still has another layer of frustration for the would be thief! Thus wasting even MORE time for them! Remember, time is what a thief does NOT want to spend because of the increase chances of getting caught!

Don’t forget! Adding a kill switch to the push to start switch is only one of several things you should do in order to safeguard you car and keep it where you left it! Vehicle security is like layers of an onion. One layer for most won’t keep your vehicle safe, especially if you have a newer more popular vehicle that is currently being targeted!

Other areas to consider are:
– Steering wheel lock, brake and/or clutch pedal lock.
– Keeping your keys in a faraday bag/pouch/box to keep thieves from relaying your FOB signal, and don’t keep them on the same side of the house as your vehicle. Especially if they can see them through your window. Further away from you vehicle is best when you’re not driving.
– Where you park when at home and away. Have a plan for both and don’t make it easy for a thief to get away with your vehicle. Garage is best, but blocking it in somehow may be an option.
– More than one kill switch approach. Combo switches linked together so that only you know the correct up/down sequence to start your vehicle.
– Installing a GPS tracking solution so you know at all times where your vehicle is. Air tags and other similar vendor solutions may also need to be added though keeping these secret is getting harder as time goes on.
– After market alarm/anti-theft system. Doesn’t mean they won’t just come with a tow truck or flat bed truck but every additional layer helps.
– Fake or relocated and perhaps locked up OBD2 port, so thieves can’t connect and add another key FOB to your vehicle.

You alone are the one to decide on what risk you are facing and what steps you need to keep your vehicle secure. Whatever combined solution you come up with that you believe is adequate enough to keep your vehicle where you left it, be vigilant as thieves are always trying new ways to steal your vehicle!

Weight 4.5 oz
Switch Type

On-Off, On-Off-On


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Jeep Compass 2015 - 2024
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  • Crimped and heatshrink added to 6.3mm end of harness.

    If you are purchasing a 2 switch No Splice Kill Switch Harness and want this option be sure to add quantity 2 to your order.

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  • This harness is identical to OEM that thieves are using to add an additional key FOB to your car with a tablet type device so they can just drive away with your vehicle as your vehicle thinks its a key FOB that is authorized to respond to.

    With this fake OBD2 harness, you simply pop out your live OBD2 connector and put this one in it’s place. Route the 3ft cable where you want up under your dash while tucking your live OBD2 connector up out of view and you’re ready to go! When the thief gets into your car to connect into what looks like your OBD2 port nothing is going to work since its NOT connected to your car. More time wasted, and some thieves that just follow a theft script that they use doesn’t work, then they leave!

    Connector is pinned to late model CDJR vehicles, so works for all of them!

    If you want to use this as a replacement OBD2 port for your messed up one (physically) please send a picture to us via email at: and we’ll verify pin locations are identical for you – cause it’s pinned to OEM – and make sure we label all wires and don’t tape it all the way to the end so that you can quickly solder your wires from your original one so this becomes your new live OBD2 connector.

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