General High Level No Splice Kill Switch Harness instructions

**Please read these basic instructions completely to ensure you are aware of the overall steps as well as any additional details for accessing the area you have selected to hide your kill switch before you begin. This installation isn’t difficult as long as you know how to gain access to the area where you want to hide your kill switch. There are multiple videos online to help access various panels within your dash/console/etc online to reference. Please utilize those to prepare for your installation.
Items to consider:

  • Only you know the risk you are facing for which you are now taking an extra step to help safeguard the vehicle you own.
  • This solution is a deterrent to thieves being able to steal your vehicle. If a thief REALLY wants your vehicle, they will find a way to get it. So think of your security as layers of an onion, which always has more than one. Could be simple steps, but maybe not do to the threat and/or risk you are facing.
  • You alone must decide where to place the hidden kill switch in a location that you find acceptable to access for each time you need to activate the hidden kill switch.
  • The harder it is to see the hidden kill switch the better. Be creative.
  • There is a balance between hard to find/reach, and it being frustrating for the owner themselves every time they use their vehicle. Your vehicle, your choice. No choice is wrong.
  • Please do NOT share your hidden kill switch location with anyone. It’s great to give general suggestions for options on where to install, but if online just because someone has an account doesn’t mean anything.
  • Creative item some have done:
    • Chaining more than a couple hidden kill switches together and mounting them in the same area where they are all hidden. Only the owner knows the direction the on/off part goes for each one as they were physically mounted different ways (not all off positions going in the same direction – and hidden so done by feel). Kind of like a combo lock!
  • Last recommendations:
    • Each harness connector at the ignition switch should go back together and make a “click” sound when properly connected. Click sound won’t be too loud, so turn down the music to listen for it. 🙂 It could drive you crazy when you test this and it doesn’t work due to one connector not fully seated. There are only a couple so it won’t take long for this step.
    • For the safest method, disconnect your negative battery terminal before starting any installation steps.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: *****Once you have fully installed all of the wiring and the switch is connected in its hidden location – TEST the hidden kill switch before you put the panels back on the dash!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Here are the high level installation instructions for installing the No Splice Kill Switch Harness. We are developing vehicle make/model specific instructions with added links at the bottom, but overall these simple steps will work for all. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out HERE, we are glad to help where we can.

1) Determine where you are going to install your 1/2/or more kill switches (this step you will likely spend the most time in order to determine a location suitable for your use, but hidden well enough from a would be thief. But you should do this before ordering so you know how long to order your harness lead(s))

2) Remove any necessary panels from the area of where you are going to mount your hidden kill switch(s).

3) Mount your hidden kill switch(s), and connect the harness leads to each switch connection point. For two switch harness solutions, you should leave the connector side at the push button start switch area still disconnected, and route each leg of the harness to each of the two kill switch mount positions. Don’t connect the push button start yet, that step comes later.

4) For one kill switch harness solutions, route the harness cable length remaining to the push button start switch location in your dash/console. (this may require additional dash/console panels to be removed/opened depending on the location in your vehicle make/model)

5) Access the back of your push button start button by removing panels below/around/above this push button start switch – Access depends on your vehicle make and model.

6) Disconnect the plug in connector from the back of your push button start switch on your dash.

7) Insert the No Splice Kill Switch Harness in between the plug in connector you just un-plugged and the push button start switch.

8) Test, Test, Test….BEFORE you put the panels/console back together. With switch(s) in the ON position, your vehicle should start/stop/remote start(if equipped) normally as it did before. With switch(s) in the OFF position, your vehicle should not be able to start with your fob in hand, but will remote start normally – BUT you won’t be able to go into the RUN position even with FOB in hand as the switch(s) are not allowing the push button start to go into the RUN position due to being in the OFF position. Once you put the kill switch(s) in the ON position your vehicle will operate normally.

8) Replace all dash/console panels you opened for the installation and you are done! Congrats!!

Here are some additional vehicle/model specific instructions as well!

Ram Trucks 2014 and up all models! Ram installation


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